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Change 'Developer' to 'Product Developer'#42

If there’s one word in the Scrum Guide that causes confusion, it’s the word ‘Developer’ as it is so easily confused with ‘software developer’.

I suggest the term ‘Product Developer’ instead as it’s meaning is clearer.

a month ago

Maybe it should be Product Creator Member, Product Development Member, Product Build Member

a month ago

Product developer

a month ago

In 2020 the SG changed roles to accountabilities but still used the names. Using words like Scrum Master, Product Owner, Devlpoper, Product Developer, Team Member are all about people and roles.

If we were truely wanting to shift away from Roles to accountability, the names shound not sound like a role, job, position.

I would suggest they are changed to

Product Ownership (Accountability)
Scrum Mastery (Accountability)
Development (Accountability)

I down voted this as “Product Developer” still sounds like a role and job title.

a month ago

In the past, I used Scrum with team who weren’t developing software (or any digital product). Why limit Scrum to Software?

a month ago

@Denis St-Michel , scrum is no longer limited to software. Developer does not mean programmer and never has been. It’s more a ‘development accountability’ that applies to any skillset involved in the development of the product, service. Thinking developer as programmer is a common misunderstanding. English words often have multiple meanings. Eg if you said developer to someone in construction industry, they would think property development.

a month ago

@Brett Thank you for your comment, I agree with you.

a month ago

It’s a yes from me Derek, ‘product developer’ removes ambiguity. It maintains its relevance to software teams but also works much better for non-software teams.
But I also like what Bret’s saying. Job roles cause as much trouble as good, especially when your aiming for multifunctional team members. People get caught up with roles, e.g. ‘only so and so can do that, she’s the ….. ‘.
Let’s just have everyone removing impediments and focusing on improvement, then my work as an SM is done:)

18 days ago