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"Scrum Masters are leaders..." (without "true")#39


My suggestion is to remove the word “true” from the current phrase “Scrum Masters are true leaders who serve the Scrum Team and the larger organization.”

The reasoning for this change proposal: “true” has no meaning if there can’t be “untrue leaders” as well and “true” is used to distinguish Scrum Masters from them.

In short, shorter is better. Remove filler words where possible.

a year ago

Great point Gunnar. I agree!

a year ago

Can’t agree more!

a year ago

I agree that it should just be leader and have upvoted this. However, the leader position is more than a “team leader” which is the common bad interpretation. The wording should indicate this is a leadership and management position, and yes diplomatically said as not to rub people up the wrong way in thinking manager is characterised by bad people managers. Manager as in super awesome person that helps others be more efficient and takes ownership and accountability of that; and not being a idot!

a year ago