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Scrum is free. But it shouldn't be abused by those, who purposely lie to their customers#38

Scrum is free. But it is widely abused by those, who deliberately lie to their customers.

I’m wonder if we could came up with the solution to:

  • Let others freely discuss and criticize the framework. Transparency, openess, and a feedback culture are key and must not only be protected, but also empowered.
  • Stop institutions from spreading disinformation, abusing the Scrum Guide and lying to their customers in order to make profits.

You probably know, what I’m referring to. Scrum in SAFe has nothing to do with the Scrum Guide. Why are we allowing them to use Scrum Guide’s terms? It would be great if the ‘license’ could be revoked in agreement with the Scrum community.

a year ago

I am not a legal person, but I think that ship has sailed and too late to change. Even Jeff Stutherland, the creator of Scrum was sued (and lost) for using Scrum Master. A rather sick world we live in. If it could be done, I would support it.

a year ago