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Scurm 'Developers' - this term is subjective and causes lot of confusion#37


In real-world scenario, we are most likely have lot of different roles such as BA, Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect, Customer Experience, User Research, Coders, Testers etc.

Scrum Trainers say that all of these roles come under “Scrum Developers”, however the term developer traditionally is used for Software developers…it really needs to meaningful which encaplutes these roles.

a year ago

LeSS actually doesn’t call it a Development Team (Scrum 2017 version) but Team. And then it calls the members of the team, Team Members.

It’s pretty generic, but that is also what makes it better than Developer imo.,1%20and%20Sprint%20Planning%202.

a year ago

Developer is not only used in software, it is used in property developer, business developer, market developer, community developer, builder/developer, factory developer, product developer (and that was from the first three pages of jobs with developer on seek’s website).

Oxford Dictionary:
Developer (Noun)

  • a person or thing that develops something

Cambridge Dictionary:
Developer (Noun)

  • a person or company that creates new products

I think the word developer is perfect.

PS. It is not a role, but an accountabilty … a big difference.

a year ago

I suggest replacing the word ‘Developer’ with the phrase ‘Product Developer’

4 months ago