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Make scrum more realistic than theoretical to suit the needs of real world.#36


Lets be honest, Scrum Theory is great if it can be applied to real work, word by word. but it doesnt take into account lots of things such as - there is no emphasis on Pre-Sprint acitivies, Change Management, Testing, Launching to Production.

They have product deliver dates should be according to whats been acheived so far during Sprints, but those dates doesnt take into other activities which are crucial and lead to failure of the project i.e. UAT, testing E2E, setting up code environments, handing product to support. Product Delivery End date should be when the Product is handed over to the team as part of BAU…

There is no organisation in the world who follow scrum guide word to work and rely on just Sprint work to delivery Product ; A trainer once told me, that everything needs to be done as part of the Sprint - I dont think this is realistially possible.

a year ago

Have you ever worked at a start-up or scale-up? It is possible. I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.

If you only worked in corporate environments, then I can understand that you believe it isn’t possible.

I actually wrote a post on LI today which fits well with this topic. You need specific conditions for Scrum to work and in corporates achieving those conditions is more difficult than at start-ups or scale-ups.

a year ago

I down voted this as it is a mechanical Scrum mindset where it is seen as the processes and not the emperical design of Scrum. Scrum is the framework to facilitate transparency, inspection and adaptation. That is to inspect whether or not pre-sprint, change, testing, launching is effective or not. Then to create a risk control environment to allow changes to be made to those things, expecially if not working.

If your organisation needs pre-sprint activities, do it. But Scrum is simply going to ask, is it effective and can you do it better or somewhere else?

a year ago