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Remove "methodology" from "Scrum as a container"#30


“Scrum (…) functions well as a container for other techniques, methodologies, and practices.” - Scrum Guide 2020


“Scrum (…) functions well as a container for other techniques, and practices.”

I’m not aware of any successfull methodology that implements the Scrum Framework. It seems to me that this is just wishful thinking.

Some methodologies, like SAFe, use Scrum terminology and pretend to be frameworks. For that reason I have not replaced “methodologies” with “frameworks”.

I am open to discussion and comments. Perhaps someone will suggest a better solution?

a year ago

I agree with what you say about SAFe, but the Scrum Guide is telling something different.

The guide is saying that Scrum can contain whatever you want inside it. If you have an specific design metholodogy, or research methodology, you can place it inside Scrum - having in mind that you always need to have the events, the artifacts, the accountabilities, etc and embrace empiricism.

That’s why I think it’s correct to say that you can have a specific methodology inside Scrum.

a year ago

I agree with what you sait @Marcelo Fernández - it can, in principle, function well as a container for a methodology. My main point here is that it has not been done (I may be wrong here) therefore this statement may be a bit misleadning.

Scrum does function well as a container for techniques and practices, and this can be easily supported by examples.

SAFe is just an addition ;)

What are your thoughts?

a year ago

I have never seen that objection as the Scrum Framework tells you what to do, but not how to do it. Especially when you understand the framework is about empericism.

The practices, methods, methodologies, processes adopted by the team is the “how” and not the “what”. Perhaps it can be better worded, but I am okay with the intention behind it.

a year ago

SAFe is a poor example as it has nothing to do with Scrum and it is not even on the same level as Scrum.

What methodologies or rituals do you feel actually works within the Scrum framework? RUP? Lean? XP? Prince2? ITIL? Six Sigma? PMI?

I dont think this is actually true for any methodology or ritual outside the UX/UI/CRO sphere?

a year ago